16 jul. 2016

Sisyphus from the Savanna

Sisyphus from the Savanna    

     How larger is that palm? I don’t know, about 27, 30 meters, if you said so… there are not many near, the wood has a good price, it sold at  Veracruz to furniture. 

      Sisyphus used to be erect on green & grey as “garrobo” (brown iguana), king of this neighborhood; crowned watchtower their stars, predator of clouds, hard as skin dragon, zero coconut, there is a riverbed between the cacao trees, where the “chayas” rose you, (urticarial medicinal maya plant);  walking through the marshland, a crocodile nest you will find, a few steps front, the biggest palms that you can ever see, just in case if they  can’t be view it from here, it’s because the clouds cover them, the same sun, the same night… the blue craps warn you , the feet of the giant descent to the heart of earth, then you say to yourself, immutable…
      The neighbor keep telling me; “there were tigers, well… that is how we used to call them to those wild cats, they were dangerous, they jump over you by nights and tear off your throat, perhaps the size of a dog; now you can’t see them no more;  they were red heron, little pelicans, little boars used to take a walk over  here, but people ate them all, now just in case a  “tlacuache”, (kind of opossum), because no more rabbits, even “mojarritas” (little river crappie), the oil kill them, on cattle too, the other day a little pig die; I founded at dawn drowned in the tar; the vulture does not arrive, it’s a black hell, the heat remains eternal.” 

 The mosquitoes die in the sweat without pluck the skin, 40 degrees green ones.
     Weeks later I came back, Sisyphus have been removed, a protuberance of food I just found, their wood destined to Veracruz to furniture, I spit to ground, I curse loud on, I said to myself, that is the way how the giants perish,  I drank the last gulp from my bottle. 

9 abr. 2016

CALOR DE CEIBA Postal III Sísifo de la sabana.

¿Cuánto medirá esa palma? ¿Qué te gusta 27, 30 metros? No quedan muchas; la madera la compran a buen precio en Veracruz, para muebles.

      Sísifo se erguía verde y gris como garrobo iguana, rey de esta colonia, coronada atalaya sus astros, depredadora de nubes, dura como escama dragón, cero cocos; hay un surco entre las matas de cacao, donde te rozan después las chayas, caminando al pantanal, un nido de lagartos encontrarás y a pocos pasos, las mayores palmas que podría usted ver, si no se ven desde lejos es que las cubren las nubes, el mismo sol, la misma noche… los azules cangrejos te avisan, los pies del gigante descienden al corazón de la tierra, que se dice uno… inmutable.

        Me sigue contando el vecino: habían tigres, así les decíamos, a unos gatos salvajes, peligrosos; te saltaban en la oscuridad y te arrancaban la garganta, figúrate el tamaño de un perro; ya no los vez ahorita, habían garzas rojas, pelícanos de lagunitas, jabalíes así chiquitos solían rolar por aquí, pero se los fueron comiendo, ahora, si acaso un tlacuache, porque ni conejo; luego ni mojarritas; es el aceite ese que las mata, al ganado igual, la otra vez se me murió un puerquito ahogado, en la mañanita lo vine a encontrar al bodoquito; atrapado en el alquitrán, el buitre ni se acerca. . . es un infierno negro; el calor permanece eterno. Los mosquitos perecen en el sudor sin arrancar la piel, sal de 40 grados, verdes…

      Semanas después regresé, Sísifo había sido arrancado, una protuberancia de pie sólo hallé, su madera destinada a Veracruz para carpintería, escupí al suelo, maldije fuerte; dije entre mí, así perecieron los gigantes; bebía el último trago.


15 feb. 2016



SONS OF MAGUEY              .

Pechuga: mescal espadín distilled with a breast of a rabbit, chicken, turkey…
Gusano: mescal espadín with agave worm.
Minero: colorless mescal from Oaxaca Santa Catarina Minas.
Pulque: ancestral drink from the agave
Tlacuache: mexican marsupial drinker of aguamiel (sweet sap from maguey) 

          I was charging my cellphone, pulque & loan, the owl girl with the tattooed seven eyes invited me from her electric cigarette; it had a strong smile & wisps. The second girl who just by singing I knew her nationality, german-tijuanense. Then they left; we said goodbye, good crossing.  Meanwhile I remain on the non-flavor elixir & harmonic melodies, I just bought a pechuga bottle at the Oaxaqueñita, so there I was at the “tlaxcalteca up to the hill albino donkey of curado on holydays”, I was waiting a tlacuache. He send signs of being alive. He down the hills and was stuck at the metro. I send to him some indications from the hallucinogen hole that I was; when he arrives start to take some photographs. Charal brought to snack. I ask them to the pulqueritas another jar.

          There are no more Pulquerias like this place, it had been closed those business. Do you remember “La risa”? That had a long time ago, then to find a good pulque not adulterate. Said to me. Have you ever came here before? – I asked. I had heard about it but never came here before. There are mescals at the bar, so at my call came the tlacuache girl. What you wanna drink buddy? I just have pechuga & gusano, I said 2 & 2 shots…and are sure you just have those? I inquire. - Oh let me check, Suzy!, you are the tall one, come & check please…

          The aguamielero continues; do you remember that scene on the MIL USOS trilogy, from Hector Suarez? In the 2, I think when his morro said to him, “I hunger”; then he takes his son at the local store, but I cannot remember for what thing to eat that can afford it, so then he bring his child to a underground pulqueria, there for 5 pesos they give him a pulque glass, he gives to his son, and he said; pulque?, in the beginning he doesn’t like at all, but the father instead to finish the glass.

       Suzy brownie hair finds out minero, I asked for another 2 shots.   Transito was the name of that fucker; therefore pulque was denigrated to poor people, shitty outcast, indigenous folks, foxes & tlacuaches; over there a few blocks in that direction, mescal & pulque is served in fine glasses, for the cocksucker hipster fashion, they all look like the same shit magazine… claims the marsupial, we left; every animal his own way back. I got erased bytes & tapes from my memory, that perverse spiral as devil; do you suck me or do you spit me? I was carrying my mudheart; the bottle, tropic ashes. The ladies was signing a song to a star that don’t dawn, sparkling hills have lost while the bus pass, the women besides me lies asleep drunk of sap.